Creative Writing Workshop

This is a creative writing workshop that is targeted to enable the young minds who have a zeal to pursue writing as a hobby / passion / profession
It could be poetry writing or short story writing or novel or essay or even general communication - this workshop offers a platform to bring out the imagination and thoughts onto a paper.
The workshop is interactive based, with exercises, practicals and creation and writing your own creative works by end of the workshop.

Fees: ₹ 1600 +Taxes

Age Group: 12-28 years

Duration: 4 hours

We have created this course from lot of passion. Course would bring you
  • Comprehensive course material
  • Practical workshop simulations
  • Free offline creative guiding and mentoring
  • Insights into writing and publishing avenues

Sreesha Belakvaadi comes from a background of writing for more than a decade. He has authored a book Shoonya that is published both in English and Kannada. He has worked as an active columnist for a Digital site "ourkarnataka" for several years. Sreesha has also conducted workshops on effective communication and writing over 10 years in his corporate IT life. Being a Filmmaker and Photographer, Sreesha is also a screenwriter that helps to bring in his creative instincts enabling the thoughts in the young minds and instigate a fire and passion to creative writing.